AboutMeet the Team behind Ourdio

The Founders

  • Anders Holm-JensenCEO/CTO
  • Andreas Bott KristensenCBO
  • Jakob DeichmannCCO
  • Emily Rachel BoltonCMO

The Backers

  • Casper SteinmannMath Genius
  • Anja Bott KristensenAdvertisement
  • Benjamin HalpernFunding
  • Sasha GolembiovskaMarketing
  • Dennis Frydkjær-PetersenSales
  • Jane KallesøeSupporter
  • Kim BartholdySupporter
  • Sisse Emilie FrederiksenSupporter
  • Rasmus MejsnerSupporter

The Name

The name is a contraction of the words our and audio as to express that it is our audio and that audio is the common ground for everyone. Ourdio is pronounced [/aʊ/’/di:/’/əʊ/].

Corporate Details

Ourdio is owned and operated by the limited liability company Ourdio IVS. Anders Holm-Jensen is CEO and majority shareholder. The company was established under Danish law August 1st 2014 and is assigned company ID 36061219 .