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This summer we are launching the world’s first publicly available social music platform to provide always popular music without interruptions. We want to enable every music provider and music app developer to get the right music, to the right people at the right time. Help us shape the future in social music engineering and adopt our RESTful API in your next or existing music project.

Intelligent music selection and curation

Based on proprietary patent pending algorithms and big data analysis Ourdio ensures that only the most popular music is played, based on a combination of many factors including guest music preferences, user history and queue momentum. Ourdio is like a virtual DJ, making sure that your party never gets boring.

Social platform to drive user engagement

Everyone can now share great music experiences with popular music without interruptions, strike up a new conversation with music and Ourdio as the ice-breaker or simply get social recognition for a great song added to queue. Music is now truly social.

All premium features are included

As an API partner you get full access to all features in Ourdio, including all commercial premium features available currently and in the future. Make the most out of TV mode*, search filters*, heat maps* etc. *coming soon*

Deep integration with our RESTful HTTP API

Following best practices and modern technology we have created a tech stack that is easy to consume via a RESTful HTTP API and easy to integrate into your own app or music experience with full control over look and feel. We take care of the logic.

How does it work?

Ourdio API is a SaaS and acts as a music controller add-on to your new or existing app or music experience with simple event bindings to a powerful backend. The gist of it all is to simply ask Ourdio what to play next when your song is done playing.

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Ourdio API is free to try so dive in today and get started. If you would like full access without rate or quota limits please contact sales at to get a free and non-binding quote.