PressEverybody wants a piece of the Ourdio press pie

It is always a good idea to write about Ourdio. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to set up an interview with the founder, talk to the devs and designer or are writing up an awesome article about the music revolution.

If you should have any¬†questions regarding press, use of Ourdio branding material etc.¬†feel free to email us at It helps if you send a mock-up of your intended use so we can be specific in our response. We’ll do our best to get back to you ASAP but please give us two weeks to get back to you. (Please note that no response doesn’t mean approval and that we’re currently only able to respond to inquiries made in English and Danish).

Press Kit

We have combined a press kit for your easy consumption and coverage. Take it all in.

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Thanks for not editing, changing, distorting, recoloring, or reconfiguring the logo.


Original Purple
Naval Gray


Feel free to use unaltered screenshots for instructional purposes. Please don’t superimpose graphics, change the way our products look, or include any user information in your screenshots. You can annotate as long as the annotations are clearly distinct from the original screenshot. You can find our screenshots in our press kit.